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✨ the Harmony Friends webzone! ✨

Hello! We're a disabled autistic genderfluid transfem plural system of many gay li'l PKMNs, adjacent critters, brain people, pieces, parts, and more. We are (sonas pictured, clockwise from bottom center:) πŸŽ€⁠Melody, 🌊⁠Dissy, ⚑⁠Amity, πŸ‘»⁠Fate, 🌟⁠Mara, πŸ’™⁠Rory, and so many more creatures and fragments, working together every day on this group project we call a life!

We dabble in game dev, music, writing, and art β€” you might know us from co-directing 2019's "SiIvaGunner: King for Another Day Tournament" β€” now, we're trying to adapt to a new world and figure out what's next. Thanks for visiting~πŸ’–

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