the Sylveon

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neurodivergent demigirl wants to see the world!!

it/its pronouns preferred. (she/her ok I guess.)

digital creative jack of all trades · artist · writer · streamer · voice actress · video producer and editor · music composer, arranger, producer · video game developer, designer, programmer · biiiiig dreamer

autistic · adhd · c-ptsd · disabled · transgender · nonbinary · lesbian · agnostic white-o of catholic cajun/british heritage

aaaand *deep breath* a sylveon and owning it. you're never too old to become your true self!

from new hampshire, in louisiana


(i.e. special interests)

  • pokémon (duh)

  • metroid

  • earthbound / mother 3

  • kirby

  • wario

  • original paper mario trilogy

  • ...mario, zelda, nintendo games in general, they kinda live rent-free in my brain obviously

  • sonic the goddamn hedgehog

  • ace attorney (and ghost trick!)

  • minecraft (proud player since 2009)

  • in general: retrogaming, game music, computers, open source/homebrew software, AV stuff

  • casual collector of vinyls, plushies, old video games, and neat trinkets

  • eternal fangame scene kid (I liked sonic robo blast 2 before it was cool... by a good 16 years)

derivative works advocate, remix culture advocate, emulation advocate, media preservation advocate, copyright abolitionist, cranky anticapitalist

disability rights advocate, autistic/adhd/neurodiverse people advocate, mental illness advocate, trans and non-binary advocate, police abolitionist, prison abolitionist, humanist and transhumanist, stands in solidarity with all victims of systemic violence and oppression